"People coming to Christ, Growing in Christ, and Sharing Christ"

It is our desire that North Pointe Community Church be a counter force to the traditional way of “doing” church. Rather than being program-focused, we want to be people-focused. We want our people to think and live missionally – seeing life as a way to be engaged with the mission of God in the real world.

To us, a person or church does not measure how well they are doing spiritually by how often they attend church or how many people fill the seats on a Sunday. Instead, we would like for individuals to think about God and the world and arrange their whole life – every aspect of their life – around their faith convictions and put their faith into every day actions.

Our ministry focus is about being external and not internal. Our core activity is people development and not program development. Our leadership agenda is kingdom-based and not church-based.

North Pointe Community Church is not about ‘doing church’ better – it is about transforming both the character and the expression of the church in the world.


Lead Pastor: Jeff Loman

Creative Arts Director: Jeremy Milligan

Student Ministries Pastor: Eric Morgan